The 4 best massages to try once your life

Hi Massage and Spa lover,
Today we are going to talk about the best massages to try at least once your life.
All massages, as you can imagine, make feel you better but someone can do it better than others.
Here is the list of my favorite massages:

Stone massage

A long massage thanks to the use of hot stones on the energetic point of the body. A mix of slow and soft gestures alleviate the tension with a beneficial detoxifying effect.

Four hands massage

A harmonious flow of relax and energy to all the body is created thanks to two masseur technique. Articulations are loosened and you can feel more toned and relaxed. A great experience of harmony and intensity.

Massage with essential oils

Thanks to the use of essential oils your body and your spirit can have an absolute relaxation.

Chocolate massage

This type of massage gives various benefits. It is a hydrating treatment for your skin but it also has benefits for your nervous system thanks to theobromine that permit to improve your concentration.


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